Books worth sharing: INVISIBLE WOMEN by Caroline Criado Perez

Did you know female pianists have a 50% higher risk of injury than male performers, and this may be related to the fact that the standard piano keyboard is too big for women’s hands? Or, did you know that if unpaid care work (mostly done by women) would be taken into consideration as part of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), it could make up between 50 to 80% of a country’s GDP? I didn’t know these and other facts before until I read INVISIBLE WOMEN. Exposing Data bias in a world designed for men, a book by Caroline Criado Perez.

The book is published by Vintage / Pinguin Random House.

Criado Perez  presents an interesting amount of facts to address the challenges we women face every day in our lives and can relate to at the very first moment. From the impact of using gender-neutral toilets to the size of our smartphones, Caroline’s main argument is that the world has been designed for men as it is taken for granted that they are the “default human”. This affects us, women, as it is expected that we should act, react and/or function not only socially but also biologically like them.

I do not consider myself an expert on feminism and feminist theory; hence, I appreciate the explanatory writing style of Criado Perez to show the female  world perspective while using hard data. The effort of compelling and reviewing multiple scientific studies and reports from around the world to underline how women have been both underestimated and underresearched, in some cases not even in purpose, is something that makes the book notable. Therefore, this is also a recommended reading for those interested in understanding better why today we women are so keen on fighting for our rights.

If there’s something this text leaves me with, is that, even though the design of public policies with a gender perspective is important to improve women’s quality of life, the responsibility is not exclusive of our governments. The solution to overcome the disparities between men and women is something we all have to get involved in regardless of our sex and position, and one way to start doing it is by learning more about the topic. Therefore, this and more makes Invisible Women a book worth reading. 


Book: Invisible Women. Exposing data bias in a world designed for men

Author: Caroline Criado Perez

Publisher: Vintage / Penguin Random House

Year: 2020

*Ilustrations by


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